Handmade Getaway, a book by Karyn Valino & Jacqueline Sava

Created by Jacqueline Sava

A project-based book that guides you through planning and creating a perfect sewing adventure filled with fabric, friends and food. This book has a matte laminated soft touch cover and French flaps and a tear-away pattern sheet at 100%. Pre-order your copy of the book now. After reaching our Kickstarter stretch goal, our First Edition exclusively for Kickstarter backers will be printed in a Hard Cover edition.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

A year in the life of Handmade Getaway
7 months ago – Fri, Feb 15, 2019 at 12:39:51 AM

Our first Handmade Getaway happened in August 2011. I invited Karyn, and Katrina, Angelune and Katherine, and dogs Gordon and Maisy to my family cottage for a weekend of sewing. Most of us were still getting to know each other and that trip began our tradition of making time to sew, eat, rest, laugh and cry together. Over the years our core group grew with Suzanne and Maria (see book dedication)

We did a lot of things right from the beginning. We set up our machines out on the deck to be outside as much as possible. We were each responsible for a meal. Katrina blew our minds when she made gyoza from scratch. Jacqueline made pizza on the old bbq with leftover veg for our last lunch. We’ve always gone all out with our meals and snacks.

Karyn brought her camera and snapped shots (a few of which you’ll find in the book). We celebrated our finishes with high fives and photos.

We learned quickly about logistics - we each brought corn and eggs that first time - and then we all brought them home. Our food chart was born. We laughed together on the last day as we laid out all our tools and rulers and saw how much we had over brought. We added a tool list on our next getaway!

We are celebrating the anniversary of our amazing Kickstarter campaign with 33 days of posts, stories, behind the scenes and prizes here, on Instagram and Facebook! Be sure to follow along @handmadegetaway, @jacqueline_soak and @make_something to catch them all.
More exciting updates to follow. 

Most importantly, thank you for being collaborators in bringing  this book to life!

Please share your photos, projects and successes with these hashtags, as we celebrate Handmade Getaway.
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Our first getaway
Our first getaway

Limited Hard Cover copies of Handmade Getaway Remain and You Have Exclusive Access
10 months ago – Fri, Nov 23, 2018 at 03:15:16 PM

What a year it has been! We’ve shipping books across the world, experienced our Ultimate Getaway reward in Dripping Springs, Texas and enjoyed an unimaginable amount of positive feedback around this book and project. For that, we thank you.  

We love seeing our #handmadegetaway shared on social, as projects emerge from fabric stashes celebrating our patterns. We also love the ideal settings in which you are reading your books, planning your projects and getting away!  

We’ve got a few Hard Cover Editions of Handmade Getaway from Kickstarter left. When they’re gone, they’re gone! We're offering exclusive access to you!

We only printed 2000 hand numbered and signed copies. If you’d like to share your love for the book this holiday, please visit one of these retailers to secure additional hard cover books.  

Find all our retailers here: https://handmadegetaway.com/retailers/  

Wishing you the best Handmade Getaway
Wishing you the best Handmade Getaway

Here are a few of our other retailers around the world!  

Karyn’s shop in Toronto, Canada: the workroom

In the United States, Jacqueline's company Soak (free shipping on orders over $50): 

In Europe: Itawi Studio 

In the UK at A Yarn Story

In Australia at Amitie

*Added note: If you haven't picked up your book (local pick up at the workroom) your book is still there happily waiting for you and we won't sell it! It's safe and sound. 

We did print (with your awesome support) 5000 soft cover books, so we still have those to sell to stores and amazing people like you, once the limited edition books all find homes.  

Thank you again for your support of our Kickstarter project and the book. We know that all the positive energy and amazing opportunities coming our way are just the beginning.  

Best wishes to you all! –Jacqueline and Karyn

Australia, NZ and Europe- your books are almost there.
about 1 year ago – Mon, Aug 27, 2018 at 03:58:38 PM

A quick update on international shipping. 

We shipped all European orders to our UK distributor, so they'd arrive quickly and with tracking. We've got word they've crossed the ocean safely and will soon be in local shipping systems, arrive on doorsteps soon. You'll get a 'ship confirmation' from our system, but without tracking details. We will watch to ensure all orders are delivered, so please be in touch if you don't receive yours in the next few weeks.

We've done the same in Australia. Our Australian distributor has graciously agreed to ship our books for us, locally, so again, they arrive quickly, safely and tracked. 

We've also sent the rest of the international orders by post, tracked, so I'm watching for their arrival as well.

Soak packages are also back in stock, so those are shipping this week.

Our retailers are reordering books like crazy, which is amazing. We're so thankful for all of your support on what seems to just be the beginning of a crazy road ahead!

shipping all the books
shipping all the books

Join us on social this weekend, #handmadegetaway, as Karyn and I (and our crew) will be escaping to the cottage for our annual getaway! 

Have a lovely day!

-Jacqueline and Karyn.

Books are shipping!
about 1 year ago – Mon, Jul 23, 2018 at 07:59:31 PM


Jacqueline here, from the Soak Wash Inc. warehouse, aka, Handmade Getaway's personal shipping department!

We're starting to ship books today. We've got fancy boxes in stock to protect your books, and we're syncing up printers, software and human hands to get books moving. We know that those of you outside of Toronto are eager to get your books! We've sorted out our logistics and books are moving.

You'll get a shipping confirmation from Backerkit when your book (s et al) are packed and moving. We're shipping in small batches, to make sure all the orders are correct packed beautifully. 

We thank you for your patience, and more importantly, for your enthusiastic demand for our books.

Much love, Jacqueline and Karyn.

Shipping confirmations- a quick note for pickups.
about 1 year ago – Mon, Jul 23, 2018 at 12:30:17 PM

Hi All,

Our system is sending shipping confirmations to everyone, so that those with tracking details get them. If you picked up your book at the workroom, you may still receiving a 'shipping notification' from our system. Sadly, you won't be receiving a second book in the mail! Thanks! -Jacqueline.